Thursday, January 27, 2011

Orient Express - Illusion(2007, My Kingdom Music) on Bandcamp

The first Orient Express release is an emotional trip full of suggestion, which combines hypnotic moments to obsessive and cutting accelerations, straight riffs and inspired melodies, in a clear Motorpsycho, God Machine mood, with strong references to psychedelic 70’s Rock scene. The sound of the band, dragged by the rhythmic section, is getting more kaleidoscopic since the introduction of the synthesizers, that enriches the expectant and dark atmospheres, and emphasizes the emotional, expanded and chasing progressions. Have a nice trip!

“People are becoming deaf because the music is played ever louder, but because of they’re becoming deaf, the music have to be played ever louder“ (Milan Kundera)
released 07 September 2007
Title: Illusion
Release Date: September 5th, 2007
Record label: My Kingdom Music

Tracklist: 1. Eternal Child - 2. Madness - 3. Illusion - 4. Prison Head - 5. Rats Know - 6. Ten Drops - 7. First Dawn - 8. Hidden Man - 9. Today - 10. Euphoria

Recorded, engineered & mixed: by Orient Express & Beppe Massara at Gel Studios

Line-up: Wito (bass & vocals), GG (guitars), Pablo (drums), Blondy (synths)

Guests: additional synths by Beppe Massara, piano on 'Eternal Child' & 'Euphoria' by Giuseppe Seccia
Artwork, Layout & Design: Kjku

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Orient Express sulla piattaforma con il TEN DROPS EP

L'EP promozionale dell'omonimo video(LINK YOU TUBE) del 2009 disponibile su Bandcamp al LINK

Ten Drops EP was released in 2009 for promoting Orient Express first official video "Ten Drops" directed by Beppe Massara. "Ten Drops" also appears on first Rolling Stone Magazine's Italy Digital Compilation(ROLLING STONE BREAKING BAND 2008). The EP contains two different versions of the song, the video(on the Cd version) and unreleased song "Faith".
released 23 June 2009
Produced and Arranged by Orient Express and Beppe Massara. Recorded at Gel Studio 2006/2009. Lyrics and Music by Orient Express.

Vito Digiovanni - vocal, bass
Gigi Doronzo - guitars, balalaika
Paolo Ormas - drums
Pasquale Giannini - synths
Giuseppe Seccia - keyboards and synths on "Faith"