Saturday, December 4, 2010

Orient Express presenti nella doppia compilation della MyKingdom Music. In uscita il 24 Dicembre.

Il Comunicato stampa ufficiale:

MY KINGDOM MUSIC in on "Delirium" and "Ecstasy"
Well, I'm here to satisfy your addiction to My Kingdom Music medicine announcing the release of two compilations called "Delirium" and "Ecstasy" with 32 among my bands and completely remastered with the presence of 5 unreleased tracks from CREST OF DARKNESS, AND HARMONY DIES, SHIVAN, ROSA ANTICA, FORGOTTEN SUNRISE and 3 special guests. Release date December 24th, 2010 and available only at My Kingdom Music mailorders.
Here are the tracklists and covers.

1. INALLSENSES "Tommy's Grave"
2. SHIVAN "Still Here" (unreleased track)
3. ROSA ANTICA "Ordinary Chaos" (unreleased track)
4. LAMENTS OF SILENCE "Homeless In The World Of Soul"
5. AND HARMONY DIES "Faith In Chaos" (unreleased track)
6. EVERSIN "Divina Distopia"
7. FUELBLOODED "Recipe For Demise"
8. IN TORMENTATA QUIETE "La Danza Del Fuoco"
9. PTSD "Anyone"
11. LAST WARNING "Bloody Dream"
12. NAHUI "...And I"
13. SYMBOLYC "Denied"
14. DPERD "In Giorni Lontani"
15. ETERNAL FROST "Walking Through Delirium" (special guest)
16. CROWHEAD "Fire Eye (Kill You)"

1. CREST OF DARKNESS "Demon Child" (unreleased track)
2. SUPERBIA "Black Sun"
3. SARATAN "Destroy Yourself"
4. EVEN MORE VAST "Loony" (special guest)
5. LLVME "Llumeiru De Fueu"
6. KENOS "Bitchswitch"
7. EN DECLIN "Over"
8. MORTAL FORM "Blasphemer"
9. INFERNAL ANGELS "Conquering The Throne Of Sin"
10. NOVA ART "Don’t Follow The Crowd"
11. DEFECT DESIGNER "When Your Face Doesn't Melt Snowflakes"
12. ORIENT EXPRESS "Prison Head"
13. VEHEMENT "All That’s Behind"
14. LIQUID GRAVEYARD "Rumours Are Black Like Machine Guns"
15. SCENARIO II "Forever" (special guest)
16. FORGOTTEN SUNRISE "The Moments When God Was Wrong" (unreleased track)

Mastered by Luca Martello at H-Sound Mastering Aosta, Italy - Webpage:
Cover painting by Antonio Pannullo - Webpage: * *
layout by Francesco Palumbo at MKM Graphix

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